Audio Visual Engineers in Swansea

In addition to design and installation, our Audio Visual Engineers in Swansea offer tailored maintenance and support services. Operating not just in Swansea but across South Wales, London, Gloucester, and Bristol. We can offer ongoing aftercare plans for our clients to ensure technical support is always accessible for your Audio Visual equipment.

Why Do I Need a Care Plan?

Technology is revolutionary however with revolution comes change. It is important you keep your equipment up to date. Regular maintenance checks to your equipment from our Audio Visual Engineers will ensure your equipment is still fit for your requirement. We can troubleshoot any problems or technical issues you may be experiencing and repair.


  • Having routine maintenance checks of your Audio Visual equipment has many benefits including;
  • Regular cleaning to prevent long-term equipment damage
  • Product sustainability
  • Cost Effective routine maintenance often saves the cost of expensive equipment replacement.
  • On Call Technical Support

Having our maintenance and support care plan means you will always have access to advise and support from our engineers. A bit like business insurance we hope you won’t need us but if you do you have an engineer on call to get you back on track.

What Care Plans Options Are there?

Our care plans are completely bespoke to your requirements and equipment. The maintenance is broken down into main three principles.

Routine Maintenance

Planned ongoing maintenance checks of your Audio Visual equipment functionality and performance.

Reactive Maintenance

Emergency maintenance service for when things go wrong unexpectedly.

Proactive Maintenance

Our Audio Visual engineers will plan ahead so you don’t have too. Keeping you up to date with the latest hard and software upgrades.

How Often is Maintenance Required?

This is all dependent on your project. Every project is different. Due to our wide range of Audio Visual equipment services, it is impossible to have a one size fits all plan. Our Audio Visual engineers will discuss a full maintenance strategy to suit your project. We will discuss your business requirements and the equipment usage and devise a plan to suit.

What Next?

If we have installed your equipment previously the likelihood is we have already discussed your Support and Maintenance plan. However, if you are unsure or have questions you can call Shaun Logan directly on 07527770004 or click below to send an enquiry. For Audio Visual Engineers in Swansea, London, Bristol and Gloucester look no further than Logan AV.